As one year ends the next calls us forward!

Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse for 2017 is preparing to graduate this years class.  Our final session is always a bittersweet weekend for the students and staff.

In mid September we all traveled to our ceremonial land and spent the week in nature and in ceremony.  The connection with Spirit deeply impacted all that attended.  The winds that showed up to challenge us to clear our minds only added power to the week.  We have not gathered since this week together.  It will be great to see everyone and witness the changes that everyone has now integrated into their lives.  The ceremonial experience always brings home the breadth of the work the students have done throughout the year.  To take that work and make it personally impactful is the work of the spiritual warrior – allowing more light into one’s life.

At our last weekend, November 10 – 12, we will harvest the beauty of the students.  With a last weekend of teachings and ceremony we have a graduation ceremony.  Each group of students shares in their words what this longhouse has meant to them.  The students illuminate to the others the highlights of their experience.  This sharing serves to help the participants to peek behind the curtains of the year ahead of them.  Each weekend is so full that the more junior students are not quite sure what their peers are studying and what makes the next step so valuable to them.

Hearing everyone’s experience creates a flow for the students into the next year, 2018, and our enrollment process begins again.  Our community is eager to take their next steps and continue their growth process.  2018 Red Lodge begins in February.  We begin again.

Do you hear the call?  Does this sound intriguing to you?  If you desire to become a part of this dynamic community, contact me at or call me at (602) 799 – 8564.  I am happy to discuss this program with you.

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Debra LaughlinAs one year ends the next calls us forward!

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