Thousands of years ago, medicine men and women from indigenous tribes across the Americas began traveling widely in search of spiritual knowledge. Their goal was to seek out the deepest spiritual truths that mankind had discovered to date, regardless of the source of that knowledge. Over the centuries, these seekers amassed immense levels of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and power. Since hair was symbol of knowledge for the ancients, they called themselves the Twisted Hairs—those who take knowledge from many sources and weave it together to create braids of universal truth. In 1250 BC, the Twisted Hairs formed a council that was charged with ensuring the preservation and evolution of their path. From one generation to the next, the Elders of the council have upheld that mandate by safeguarding the Twisted Hair teachings, testing their validity through time and seeking out new strands of knowledge to be added to the path’s braids of truth.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance path is the modern-day embodiment of the age-old tradition that has been preserved and enhanced by this long lineage of Twisted Hair Elders. Our goal is to share our time-tested and timeless body of knowledge with all humans who, like the Twisted Hairs, seek spiritual evolution. This body of knowledge contains profound insights into our essence and purpose as humans, as well as our connection with the natural world and the universe as a whole. It allows us to discover the spirit and substance of who we naturally are, and gives us the means to become Sacred Humans—humans who walk through life in a responsible, harmonious and balanced way and who can make a positive difference for themselves and the world as a whole.

The Gold Horse Prophecy

The Gold Horse pictured on the cover of this brochure holds deep significance for our spiritual tradition. Thousands of years ago, the Elders who founded our tradition made a series of prophesies that have correctly predicted many trends since then. These prophesies, as applied to today, speak of a race that is going on between evil and good—represented by a dark horse and a gold horse, respectively.

The dark horse signifies everything that is wrong with humankind as we now know it. The gold horse, by contrast, signifies our inherent greatness. It represents humans living in harmony with one another and the earth, and a world free of tyranny and ignorance. It embodies compassion, balance and individual autonomy. The gold horse, in short, races for the best in us—for our shining as sacred beings and our unbounded potential to become Enlightened Humans, or Rainbow Warriors, as the prophesies put it.

Every day, through our choices large and small, each of us fuels this race. We can choose to live in the light or the dark. At Arizona Red Lodge, we are dedicated to the light—to transforming ourselves into Rainbow Warriors who fight for the cause of the gold horse. Our time-tested lineage gives us the knowledge, tools and training to reach that end, and we’re looking for like-minded spiritual warriors to join us.

Are you ready to transform yourself into a Rainbow Warrior?

Come to Arizona Red Lodge and find out.

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