For the Whole Human —

When we speak of the Whole Human, we are taking a holistic look at our entire being.  We explore the 5 Aspects of the human: the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects.  Each of our 5 Aspects plays a role in how we experience our life.  Are we balanced in our aspects and do we know what it feels like when we get out of balance?

Everything we teach in Red Lodge is focused on how each of us find our balance.  When we are in balance, we engage with those in our life from a balanced way.  We begin our journey into our healing by first finding our balance.  From this place, we can then touch into our past pains and re-frame our experiences and what we learned as a result of those experiences.

The 5 aspects relate to the elements of nature and the natural world.

Our emotions relate to water.  Water has many natural states: flowing, ice, steam or vapor and snow.  Our emotions relate to water by flowing as our energy shifts and changes.  An example of being out of balance is when we withhold our emotions and are perceived as being “icy”.

Our physical relates to earth.  The earth is solid and holds us strong and firm.  Our physical body holds us strongly when we care for it and take good care of it.

Our mental aspect is like the air.  The air gusts, tickles, whirls and breezes in.  Our mind can be still, torrid and flit from thought to thought.  Our minds and our state of mind inform our beliefs about who we are and how we engage in life.

Our spiritual aspect is like the element of fire.  Fire is a bold and energetic element that moves, grows and transforms fuel that it consumes.  Our spiritual essence grows and transforms our very being when we let it gain energy and feed it.

Our sexual nature is like the void energy.  The void is much like a creative vacuum.  All things are possible in the vacuum, like the black hole of the universe.  Our sexuality helps us catalyze our life and produces life giving energy to keep us healthy.


Debra LaughlinFor the Whole Human

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