Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse is a structured educational program of spiritual study and ceremony for those dedicated to balanced self-growth in all aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul force.

The Red Lodge Longhouse takes you through the first 3 Gateways, or levels of learning and ceremony, of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Our Approach

Our program features a multi-faceted approach to maximize learning and integration, so you can use what you learn immediately, in your everyday life:

Teachings a toolbox of medicine wheel teachings working with all aspects of life and self-growth
Interactive learning experience how these teachings work for you
Ceremonies reconnect to your sacred self and to the natural world around you

6 Intimate, Intensive Weekends plus Ceremonial Days

Ceremony designed to give you tools and experiences to help you develop your connection to the natural world, your personal health and balance, and your personal power – with the maturity to use it wisely!

What is Sacred Living?

Is it living in beauty, in harmony with the world around us – plants, animals, the earth, other humans?
Is it striving to reach our own potential as individuals and as humans?
Is it bringing more happiness, humor, health, hope and harmony into our lives, and so into the lives of those around us?

Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse will support you to do all of these, and more:

  • Connection – learn about your connection with all forms of life – the elements, minerals, plants,
    animals, and other humans – and with the universe
  • Balance – learn to identify where and how you are out of balance, and how to re-balance yourself
  • Self-understanding – gain working knowledge of your body and character structures, and how your upbringing conditions you to behave in certain ways – as well as how to change if you want!
  • Healing – begin to work with the Healing Paradigm of the Twisted Hairs, to get at the cause of illness
  • Growth – gain new tools and opportunities for self-growth in every session


One of the joys of Red Lodge is that it brings you together with like-minded people from many walks of life: teachers, health practitioners, carpenters, musicians, information technology professionals, students, and many others.

We have in common our search for growth and truth. Many of us study this path in conjunction with other spiritual traditions.

The Red Lodge community, students and teachers alike, is made up of people who are dedicated to reaching for our highest potential.


Ceremony helps to integrate teachings and accelerate personal growth like nothing else.

The Red Lodge Longhouse program includes ceremony such as sweat lodges inside each teaching weekend, and also includes an extended weekend devoted entirely to ceremony out in nature.

The richness and majesty of the Arizona landscape give these opportunities unique impact.

We Gather Together

Thousands of years ago, medicine men and women across the Americas began traveling and meeting to share spiritual knowledge.

Today we gather in our own search for spiritual knowledge, testing the truth of the wisdom they gathered, and finding our own.

For More Information

For more information, contact us, or keep reading about Our Offering, Origins and Prophecy, or Events.

AZRLA Blueprint for Sacred Living

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